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1.0 Lift Pitch

Anti-Football is a community-conscious online store selling topical and fashionable unofficial t-shirts related to the beautiful game. We cater to the modern fan who wishes to display their love for their club, or even hatred and ridicule of a rival team, with a range of high quality quick-witted t-shirts.

2.0 Executive Summary

Football, not only as a sport but also, as a culture has changed dramatically since the mid 1990s - one of the biggest changes encountered is the way fans support our clubs mostly due to the widespread emergence of the Internet. There are now masses of blogs and fan forums solely concerned with the beautiful game meaning even the most casual football fan is perusing websites for the latest news and views on their beloved teams. Anti-Football is in a great position to help fans extend their support for their team to wearing the latest original and unofficial t-shirts.

Developed upon the Magento platform, Anti-Football is a feature-rich e-commerce store that combines superb functionality with considered and stunning user interface design.

My major focus for this project was helping Anti-Football genuinely care about the fans by crafting an unparalleled user experience. Every last detail of the website has been considered greatly so it's both easy and delightful for the user.

Anti-Football are constantly trying to improve and one of the ways of doing this is by seeking fan involvement; for example, users are able submit suggestions for new t-shirt designs with the possibility of cash incentives if their ideas are acted upon.

What sets Anti-Football apart from the competition is the fact that we have committed to donate a fixed amount of every t-shirt sale into a worthwhile cause close to the hearts of many football fans. Anti-Football is partnering with the Football Supporters Federation by financially supporting the 180,000 member strong federation to tackle the important issues for fans.

3.0 Designer Biography

Thomas McClure is a 21 year old designer from Armagh, Northern Ireland where he's worked with Website NI since mid-2009 in conjunction with studying Interactive Multimedia Design at the University of Ulster.

A highly competent user interface designer, Thomas has seen work showcased in .Net Magazine (issue 209) for it's exemplary HTML5 usage.

Thomas draws great motivation from attending web conferences as well as reveling in countless web-focused magazines, books and blogs.

4.0 Contributors

Paul Donnelly and Derek Johnson from Website NI

  • Help and support with any queries raised through development

Chris Murphy and Nicklas Persson from Web Standardistas

  • Continued advice and support throughout the entire project

Terry Kernan from Create Gravity

  • Hosting
  • Database management
  • Magento optimisation techniques

Tools and Resources

This online store was built upon the hugely popular Magento open source e-commerce platform.  Therefore I worked with numerous different coding languages such as PHP, XML and XHMTL. Unfortunately due to time constraints as well as Magento's file structure and general extensiveness I was unable to re-code the store in HTML5. Also most of the styling was completed using CSS3.

Some t-shirt designs taken from Who Are Ya Designs.


  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 for design
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 for development

Browser Support

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer (with support down to 6)