This is a student project – please don't place any orders.

Anti-Football is a community-conscious online store selling topical and fashionable unofficial t-shirts related to the beautiful game.

One idea

This is the short story of having one simple idea that, coupled with enthusiasm, sees you act out one of those life goals - in my case design a unique, high-quality T-Shirt range.

My name is Thomas McClure and it was during my time studying Interactive Design at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland I was running a football blog and couldn't help to notice that the quality of football related T-Shirt websites were underwhelming.

I genuinely thought, considering both my football and design background, I could improve on their attempts and cater for the modern fan.

Anti-Football T-Shirt Range

Care in our craft

Anti-Football isn't the type of T-Shirt company that releases a new design every week, we take considerable care in how we craft our T-Shirts.  After all, the approach we take is what keeps us ahead of the game.


Our culture at Anti-Football is hugely important; we're not just another online store, we have a conscious to genuinely help support the people that make football the worlds best sport - the supporters!

Football Supporters Federation

Helping us to help you

To demonstrate this, we commit part of the profits from every single t-shirt sold to the Football Supporters Federation who help canvass on behalf of supporters in the UK. We are truly proud of our association with the FSF and we believe strongly in helping their invaluable efforts.


Our four-step process

  • 1. Think of a great idea
    When inspiration strikes, whether in the terraces or in the pub, quickly jot down the idea on paper. This is the most exciting part of the process.
  • 2. Development
    Again on paper, clarify and develop the initial idea into a working design for T-Shirts.
  • 3. Digitialise the design
    Now we create the design on a computer, this is the critical step as to whether it appropriately adapts to T-Shirts.
  • 4. Print the T- shirts
    The finished product in our hands makes it all worthwhile.